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Square Ceiling Diffusers Square Ceiling Diffusers
Square Ceiling Diffusers

PRICE offers a complete range of square cone ceiling diffusers in steel or aluminum construction. Available with fixed or adjustable air patterns, square cone diffusers are the most popular and efficient ceiling diffusers for true 360° degree radial diffusion. Standard ceiling modules, numerous mounting borders, and a wide range of inlet sizes are available.


Perforated Ceiling Diffusers Perforated Ceiling Diffusers Perforated Ceiling Diffusers
Perforated Ceiling Diffusers

PRICE offers a full line of perforated supply and matching return diffusers that provide a smooth, even appearance that blends into the ceiling. Perforated supply diffusers are available with adjustable louvered pattern controllers on either the face or neck, curved blades, or modular cores which provide an excellent horizontal air pattern with strong coanda effect. A complete range of accessories are available.


SMD Louvered Face SMCD Modular Core Square and Rectangular
Square & Rectangular Directional Diffusers

The PRICE line of square and rectangular directional diffusers allows for versatility of application. These louvered, curved blade, and modular core diffusers are available in a wide range of air pattern core styles and with square or rectangular inlets. They can supply large volumes of air at low sound levels and pressure drops.


Round Cone Diffusers Round Industrial Diffusers
Round Cone Diffusers

PRICE offers a complete line of round cone ceiling diffusers that combine the classic beauty of round cone styling with maximum air diffusion efficiency.


TDH Twist Diffusers Twist Diffusers
Twist Diffusers

Price offers a large selection of twist diffuser outlets manufactured by Price and Krantz Komponenten® that are suitable for a wide range of applications. These outlets are available with fixed horizontal discharge or adjustable discharge from horizontal to vertical. They can supply large volumes of air at low sound levels and pressure drops, and are suitable for installation in higher ceiling applications.


Ceiling Diffuser Accessories

Price offers a complete line of surface mounting accessories and air volume dampers for round and square neck applications and duct mounted applications.


Unitee Series
Extruded Aluminum Ceiling Systems


Varitherm Series
Varitherm Series

The Price Varitherm® is a thermally powered, self-modulating diffuser that features a specialized linkage design for optimal zone temperature control in a stand-alone package. The Varitherm® VPD-HC is available for heating and cooling modes with an automatic heating/cooling changeover, and the Varitherm® VPD-C is available for cooling only applications.

Prodigy Series
Prodigy Series

The Price Prodigy® diffuser features an architecturally pleasing faceplate design and high performance inner cone. A DDC controller utilizes advanced adaptive control algorithms and a high torque motor to modulate air flow and maintain constant room temperatures. The Prodigy® Series allows for true VAV control in cooling and heating cycles. Reheat, control of up to 5 drones, building automation, and system pressure control are all possible with the Prodigy® Series.

Pressure Control Valve
Pressure Control Valve

The Price PCV is a pressure control valve for use upstream of diffusers. A static pressure sensor downstream of the PCV provides a signal for the valve to control, ensuring that the static pressure in the duct does not exceed "The Design Pressure". The PCV can be used in either a by-pass configuration where excessive air is by-passed into the ceiling space, or where the PCV controls the pressure in the duct by dampening the upstream supply.


VAV Accessories

Price offers additional accessories for both the Prodigy® and Varitherm® diffusers. The PRC is a mechanical pressure relief collar suited for Price VAV diffusers, which bleeds air into the ceiling space when the inlet static pressure exceeds .25 in. w.g. The PPM is a power module designed to allow for up to 30 Prodigy® diffusers to be connected in series with minimal electrical wiring.

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