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The TBDI6 HC bi-directional pattern diffuser is designed to automatically provide a horizontal pattern during cooling and a vertical pattern during heating. An internal actuator mechanism senses supply air temperature and adjusts the air pattern to suit heating or cooling applications.

Supply air temperatures of less than 69°F (21° Celsius) will have a one-way horizontal air pattern similar to our standard TBD6 diffuser, while supply air temperatures greater than 81°F (27°C) will result in a vertical air pattern suitable for heating applications.

This product is primarily intended to be used for perimeter applications with overhead heating. These systems are used in situations where perimeter radiation is not an option due to architectural constraints or practical considerations (i.e. more leasable space is desired).

Designing an overhead heating / cooling system with conventional fixed or manually adjustable diffusers is difficult at best and usually involves a compromise in the desired air pattern. For this application, the diffuser is specifically designed to automatically set to the appropriate air pattern setting.


  • Automatic pattern control adjustment based on supply air temperature.
  • Available in both imperial and hard metric module sizes.
  • Available in standard module lengths 24"/600mm, 30"/750mm, 36"/900mm, 48"/1200mm and 60"/1500mm.
  • Curved extruded aluminum horizontal pattern controller.
  • 1/4" (6) internal insulation.


    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Inlet Diameter based on system design or duct requirements.
  2. Select Module Length based on ceiling module.
  3. Select Outlet type by model number.
  4. Select Integral Options (excluding ST and CN) if desired
  5. Select Finish (Center T-Bar only).

Example: 10 / 48 / TBDI6 HC / B12



  • Shell - Coated Steel
  • Horizontal Pattern Controller - Extruded Aluminum.


  • Internal fiber free foam or coated fiberglass insulation.
  • External aluminum foil backed fiberglass insulation.





Center Tee - White Powder Coat



Pattern Controller -Black



For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

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