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Three Hour Rating - Lay-In

Models 3/4" (19) Slot Width
1" (25) Slot Width
1-1/2" (38) Slot Width

PRICE TBD4-FR Series T-Bar diffuser are Fire-Rated Assemblies UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance Directory) and ULC Listed (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Equipment and Materials Directory). This design meets time versus temperature tes criteria and NFPA 90A requirements.

TBD4-FR T-Bar diffusers have been designed to provide a tight horizontal air pattern that is ideal for VAV systems. The air pattern is field adjustable toward or away from the diffuser inlet side.


    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Inlet Diameter based on system design or duct requirements.
  2. Select Module Length based on ceiling module.
  3. Select Outlet Type by model number (Slot width, insulation).
  4. Select Number of Slots.
  5. Select Finish (center T only).

Example: 8 / 48 / TBD475-FR / 2 / B12

Shell MILL
Plenum Face / Pattern Controller - Black
Center T – White Powder Coat
For optional and special finishes see color matrix.

  • Shell – Coated Steel
  • Pattern Controller / Center Tee – Extruded Aluminum
  • Blade Gasket – Vinyl
  • Available in 1 and 2 slot configurations.
  • Available in both imperial and hard metric module sizes.
  • Available standard module lengths - 24"/600mm, 30"/750mm, 36"/900mm, 48"/1200mm) and 60"/1500mm.
  • 2 slot units have an extruded aluminum center tee that has been "dropped" below the diffuser face to match the ceiling grid and provide superior performance.
  • Pattern controllers are fitted with a tight sealing extruded vinyl blade edge seal.
  • Non-adjustable, non asbestos flap type Ceiling Radiation Damper fits flush against plenum wall for low noise and unrestricted air flow.
  • Flap damper has the thermal blanket encased within the blade eliminating air stream erosion and deterioration.
  • Positive spring closure and locking clip for added safety.
  • Diffuser plenum constructed of coated steel.
  • Designed for use in an exposed grid suspension ceiling (T-Bar Lay-in) with up to a three hour assembly rating. Units must be installed in accordance with the instrucctions that accompany each unit.
  • Easily replaceable fusible link. Standard 165°F (74°C), optional 212°F (100°C).
  • Factory installed outer T-Bar clips (all 4 sides).
  • Optional coated fiberglass insulation (TBDI4-FR).
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