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T-Bar Diffusers - Supply
T-Bar Diffusers - Supply

The TBD2 series of diffusers utilize an aerodynamic extruded pattern controller to produce an excellent horizontal ceiling pattern for VAV while providing the best value and flexibility to the owner. These diffusers are available in 1 and 2 slot configurations and feature a compact 8" high plenum.


T-Bar Diffusers - Supply and Return
T-Bar Diffusers - Supply and Return

PRICE TBD3 T-Bar supply diffusers have extruded aluminum "ice tong" blades for 180° pattern control. The TBD3 produces a tight ceiling hugging air pattern even at low flows or a strong vertical pattern as required. These diffusers are available with 1 to 4 slots in standard ceiling module lengths from 24" to 60".


TBD4 Series (T-Bar Diffusers)
TBD4 Series (T-Bar Diffusers)

PRICE TBD4 diffusers provide a tight horizontal air pattern that is ideal for VAV systems. The blade type pattern controllers are fitted with a tight sealing extruded vinyl blade edge for positive control. They are field adjustable for air patterns toward or away from the diffuser inlet side. The TBD4 is available in 1 to 4 slots.


TBD6 Series T-Bar Diffusers
TBD6 Series (T-Bar Diffusers)

The TBD6 series is for ceiling mounting in exterior zones. They are designed for high velocity discharge and high room air induction with low sound and pressure drops while using a fixed horizontal air pattern. The TBD6 can be ordered with an integrated return or center down blow section. An automatic changeover model (TBDI6 HC) is also available which varies the air pattern based on supply temperature.


TBDI6 HC Series
TBDI6 HC Series

Thermal Powered Heating/Cooling Auto Changeover T-bar Diffuser


TBD7 Series T-Bar Diffusers
TBD7 Series (T-Bar Diffusers)

PRICE TBD7 series is a louvered, fixed pattern diffuser providing high air capacity with a tight horizontal ceiling air pattern and low sound. Mid-module installation is possible due to stabilizing end caps and tile supporting flanges. The diffuser is available with 1 to 4 slots in a 1 or 2 way pattern.


T-Bar Diffusers
T-Bar Diffusers

TBD8 series diffusers combine extruded aluminum "ice-tong" blades with a sloped shoulder plenum to produce an air pattern with increased spread through 180° of control. The TBD8 accommodates the air distribution limitations frequently encountered in T-Bar ceiling layouts even under VAV conditions.

Additional Ceiling Component Diffusers

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3) Low Temperature Diffusers
4) Section B - Specials
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