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For over 50 years, Price has built an enviable reputation as a qualified designer and dependable supplier of specialized ceiling component products. These are often required to satisfy a unique function without compromising air distribution performance.

Illustrated on these pages are a few examples of special manufacture ceiling component diffusers. We have a commendable track record of successful applications. We invite your inquiry.



Special Split Heating / Cooling
T-Bar Diffuser

  • Price Split Heating / Cooling T-Bar diffuser designed to provide either a vertical air flow when heating is required or a horizontal air flow when cooling is required.
  • Change-over from heating to cooling made upstream of diffuser.
  • Designed to be in systems with separate heating and cooling supplies.


Special Integrated T-Bar Diffusers
for Metal Linear Ceilings

  • Price fixed horizontal pattern T-Bar diffusers designed to incorporate into custom metal linear ceiling systems.


Special Four-Sided
Light Troffer Diffuser

  • Price 4-sided light troffer diffusers designed for high capacity and omni-directional air flow.
  • Other configurations are available (2-sided, 3-sided).

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