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Single or double sided supply LTA

adjustable pattern controller

Single or double sided supply LTF
fixed pattern controller
Single or double sided supply LTN
without pattern controllers.

PRICE LTA / LTF / LTN Light troffer diffusers attach quickly and easily to most manufacturer's models of light troffers and are suitable for surface slot and regressed slot applications.

  • Available with an adjustable pattern controller to adjust discharge from horizontal to vertical and provide trim dampering (LTA).
  • Fixed pattern controller types provide a superior horizontal air pattern and low sound (LTF).
  • Available without pattern controllers for regressed slot light fixtures that are furnished with integral pattern controllers (LTN).
  • Available in both imperial and hard metric module sizes.
  • Available standard module lengths – 24" / 600mm, 36" / 900mm, 48" / 1200mm to suit standard light fixture lengths.
  • Available as single-sided models or saddle (double-sided) models.
  • Optional external foil-backed insulation is available (AFI).
  • Units can be shipped knocked down for field assembly (KD).
  • Matching return unit available. (LTR).
  • Low profile units available (LP), supplied with oval side inlet.
  • Available with optional adjustable crossover (ADJ) for field sizing to suit light fixtures (LP models only).
Saddle Type Light Troffer Diffuser

Single-Sided Light Troffer Diffuser

    Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Inlet Diameter based on system design or duct requirements.
  2. Select Model (LTA / LTF / LTN).
  3. Select Troffer Size based on light fixture.
  4. Select Integral Options, if desired.

Example: 5 / LTF / 24 / KD

  • Shell - Coated Steel
Shell MILL
Diffuser / Fixture Compatibility
The compatibility of the diffuser and light fixture is very important. Price has worked with most light fixture manufacturers to ensure the compatibility of the two components. Most problems occur when special light fixtures are used in both flush slot and regressed slot types. To ensure the compatibility of standard or special flush slot or regressed slot light fixtures with the LT diffusers, the preferred procedure is for the light fixture manufacturer to provide an approved, fully dimensioned drawing. This will enable Price to check the fixture connstruction and slot configuration. This procedure should be followed up with the supply of a production sample fixture to allow for a check on the physical diffuser and fixture compatibility and the performance of the diffuser on the fixture.
  Regressed Slot Fixture
This applies to fixtures which have a continuous reveal around the fixture lens. The configuration of this reveal varies a great deal depending on the fixture manufacturer. The depth and width of the reveal varies and may contain a commbination of air deflector and blank-off. These items can have a significant effect on the performance of the LT diffuser with regard to pressure drop, noise level and air pattern. For this reason, it is important that compatibility and perrformmance be verified on regressed slot fixtures.

Surface Slot Fixture
This applies to fixtures where the supply air slot on the fixture is essentially flush with the ceiling surface. The performance data in this catalog applies to all surface slot fixtures.
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