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Special Manufacture

For over 40 years, Price has distinguished itself as a qualified designer and dependable supplier of specialized linear diffusers and grilles. We are able and willing to produce special products to meet our customers unique requirements. These specials range from custom paint colours to complex shapes or special materials requiring a complete re-engineering of our standard product. Whatever the case, we welcome your inquiry.

The examples shown here represent only a small cross section of Price's portfolio of specials.

Custom Shapes
Linear diffusers and grilles, in particular bar type, lend themselves admirably to customized shapes to meet architectural requirements.

Curved – concave, convex or in plan view to suit curved walls or floor applications.

Geometric – circles, ovals, triangles, – triangles, hexagons – almost any shape is available where the outlet must blend in, or act as a feature to, the surroundings.

Special miters – Price can provide precise, factory built corner sections at any compound angle to ensure a top quality installation.

Custom Materials
Several of our products can be fabricated in materials other than aluminum for architectural or functional purposes. Price has manufactured and supplied outlets in:

Stainless Steel

Please contact your Price representative with your requirements.

Custom Finishes
Price has a wealth of experience in custom finishes for air distribution outlets. Air outlets are one of the few visible components of the HVAC system, therefore their finish is critical to them blending harmoniously with their surroundings.

Anodizing – clear or colored to match requirements.

Silhouette – a combination of brushed aluminum and black enamel for a truly unique finish.

Custom color finishes – individually matched to customer supplied samples.

Plating – Chrome, Nickel and Brass plating finishes are available.

Staccato – allows an image to be "engraved" into the face of a linear bar grille.



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