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1" (25) Slot Width


1-1/2" (38) Slot Width


2" (51) Slot Width


2-1/2" (63) Slot Width


3" (76) Slot Width


Continuous Linear
Price Adjusta Slot, continuous linear application, provides the ultimate in design flexibility due to its wide capacity range and fully adjustable air pattern control. The aesthetically pleasing lines and architectural appeal of the Adjusta Slot make it ideal for integration into architectural ceiling suspension systems.

Adjusta Slot is installed with the ceiling suspension system, connecting directly to the support members to provide a rigid, continuous suspension system.

  • Fully-adjustable sliding pattern controller.
  • Shut-off without adding any blank-off devices (AS only).
  • Standard single slot widths 1 in. [25], 1-1/2 in. [38], 2 in. [51], 2-1/2 in. [63], 3 in. [76]. Multi-slot units also available.
  • Dual pattern controllers are sectioned every 24 in. for total adjustment flexibility.
  • Available in fully functional curved sections for wall and ceiling applications.
  • Various end connections are available, including mitered ends and mitered corners.
  • Extruded aluminum construction with steel pattern controllers.
  • Unique construction allows job site modifications and trimming by disassembly and reassembly.
  • Continuous installations with drywall and suspended acoustical ceiling systems. Various installation deĀ­tails are shown in this section.
  • Variable slot setting for extended throw.
  • Fits Price Universal Plenums, (UP/UPL models).


AS Series Photo

Product Selection Checklist

  1. Select Unit Length based on installation/performance requirements.
  2. Select Model by Slot Width.
  3. Select Number of Slots based on desired performance characteristics.
  4. Select Border Type according to installation requirements.
  5. Select End Configuration(s).
  6. Select Accessories, as required.
  7. Select Finish.

Example: 96" / AS210 / 1 / 21 / ZZ / B12

Available Sizes:
Custom Flow is available in single piece construction in up to 120" lengths. Longer measurements will be constructed in multiple sections to be joined on site.



Face – White Powder Coat



Interior – Black



For optional and special finishes see
color matrix.

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